Lazada Birthday Blogger Contest 2017

March 18, 2017

Assalammualaikum.. I bet that Lazada ain't something new to any of you.. Since they're celebrating their 5th Anniversary this year, they came out with such a gigantic event for us, the blogger, to partcipate.. And I was thinking, there's no reason for me to ignore this celebration, seeing the rewards that awaits, I do hope for myself to win one of the cash prize.. 😭
Depending on the overall number of participants there will be either 10, 20 or 30 winners:
1. Less than 50 Participants (10 winners)
1st Prize: 1 x RM300
2nd Prize: 3 x RM200
3rd Prize: 6 x RM100
2. More than 50 and less than 100 Participants (20 winners)
1st Prize: 1 x RM500
2nd Prize: 7 x RM250
3rd Prize: 12 x RM125
3. More than 100 Participants (30 winners)
1st Prize : 1 x RM800
2nd Prize : 12 x RM300
3rd Prize :17 x RM150 
So guys, what are you waiting for? The more participation, the merrier the prize would be..!πŸ˜‹

     click the image to participate
    click on the banner to make this merrier..
    What do you love about Lazada Malaysia? 

    Okay, here's a quick question. If you could describe your 5 year old self in one sentence, what could
    it be? Well, as for me, I would say I'm still the lousy not so "small" kid, acting like a grown up.. πŸ˜… 

    However, my 5 years old self is completely opposite to Lazada. Instead of growing up as a lousy kid, it manage to establish itself and appear as one of the gigantic Malaysian online shop which manage to capture almost everyone's heart.. I would say, it's the Malaysian online shop sweetheart and a heaven for those whom love to shop online. Lazada provides various types of products, starting from foods up to electronics stuff and I could bet, you would find almost everything that you need within one single click with Lazada.. With the free shipping and cod service on selected item, with all sorts of sales and promotion from time to time, I couldn't help to love Lazada even more.. 😍

     Top three Product picks from Lazada Malaysia (your three favorite products) 

    Living alone with a wish to be able to eat clean, it's troublesome for me to cook healthy meal as I prefer to eat western food of my own recipe.. My mom lent me her own non stick pan as a sign of support.. However, it's troublesome for me to handle it. I barely cook a perfect grilled chicken with it and I always need to cook it twice, as if I'm eating it half cooked at first and as I'm in the middle of eating, I need to put it on the stove once again.. In conclusion I had a flavorful meat at start and having a tasteless chicken at the end.. Hence, I really to grab this griller for a perfect meal and one good thing, it's portable so it's perfect for a quick getaway, having my bbq moment anytime, anywhere... 😍

    One of the chores that I would try to avoid my best is to iron my own clothes.. Well, I use to not hating doing this chore but I always feel like it took quite some time to finish with a piece of my cloth.. Sometimes ironing a tudung needs so much care with the normal iron and when my sister lent me her steam generator during eid, I totally wish I could own it for myself.. With only few minutes, you could done ironing your cloth perfectly.. Tudung..? No worries.. Only one swap at a time and you're done with it.. Such a magical item for the lazy person like me.. πŸ˜‹
    As I'm getting ready for my school practicum, I need to prepare myself to attract the kids with the subject. Having a projector of my own is a bonus since I could just plug it in the classroom, without needing them to get into the lab or any room where the projector is placed. Plus, I could use them besides the school hour, for my own me time.. Probably, I could have my own cinema in my room?  πŸ˜š
    How do you think Lazada Malaysia can improve?
    Well, I wish Lazada could take some extra efforts in interviewing the sellers, perhaps asking for a sample of their products just to check the authentication of the products that they would be selling. I used to bought a NYX lipstick from a seller during the year end sale last year, selling with a great discount from the original price and when the item arrived, turned out it was a dupe.. In the end, I stopped looking at the beauty section and focus more on other stuff in Lazada since I'm afraid of buying another dupes. 😩

    Well, if anything happened to the customer from using a fake product, Lazada would be the one whom got the blame.. So I guess it's time for you to make some effort and ensure that only the best products could be featured in Lazada Malaysia.. 😁

    What is your birthday wish to Lazada Malaysia? 

    Happy Birthday Lazada.. Thank you for the wonderful 5 years of service and may the success remains with more years awaits.. Have a blast birthday and I will keep supporting you from behind this laptop screen.. hehe.. All the best Lazada Malaysia and the team.. πŸ’•


    1. Good luck dear 😘😘

    2. Yeahhhh! Finally u joined! (Tak sia sia tag dekat entry haritu hehe). Let me tell you that LED type of projector isn't good. Last time I use it was during my practicum and the pupils couldn't see the image clearly since the resolution is too small and its not bright enough.

      1. Yeahhh finallyyyy... hahaha.. Hmm.. Well it's either I pick another projector or will just use it for my personal cinema? haha.. nak jugak projector satu..! XD

    3. Alahai comel birthday card untuk Lazada tu, hihihi, all the best Nesz.

    4. wah projector tu nak guna untuk tengok wayang kat rumah ke? ihiks. good luck taiyang <3

      1. yes..!! Puas sikit nak tngok movie.. hihi.. Thanks syg <3

    5. menarik barangan yang jadi idaman tu, terutama portable grill tu! best wooo

      1. hee.. kannnn... portable grill tu menggoda..

    6. all the products u choose looks great!
      i need that portable grills! :D

      all the best ya :)

    7. goodluck! portable grills tu mcm best!

      1. Thanks.. haha.. kann.. menarik portable grills tu..

    8. happy birthday lazada..good luck Anis!

    9. good luck Nesz �� nak juga homping portable bbq & grill tu ��

      1. Thanks nour.. haha.. portable bbq tu menarik kan.. hehe..

    10. Tertarik sungguh Siqah dengan Homping Portable BBQ Grill tu tauuuu :D Suka sungguh dengan idea Anis, "it's perfect for a quick getaway, having my bbq moment anytime, anywhere... 😍" Nak join BBQ nanti boleh? Hii <3

      1. Hahahah.. Boleh, tapi kena tunggu dah beli la.. haha <3


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