Chapter 51: Vagary...?

July 6, 2017

credits: love by wantou
Vagary 1: 4 Akik
"Teacher, saya nak bagi duit ni kat teacher.." 
"Eh, what is this for..? A duit raya. for me.?"
"Ha'ah.. Teacher simpan je la teacher.."

Hasyir's sudden gift managed to caught her heart..It might be just a small amount of money to some people, but the random kindness had touched her heart.. On the next day, she visits the class, asking her students to hand in the books, and Chinta immediately approached her..

"Teacher, nah singgit.."
"Eh.. Dah kenapa ni..?"
"Teacher cakap semalam kalau tak hantar, denda singgit.." 

Well, she had forgotten about it at the first place, simply because she didn't mean it.. But when the students reminded her, she didn't want them to think that she's someone that could be messed with, so with heavy hearted she accepted the money and keep in a separate place, so that she won't use the money for herself but she would use the money to by extra rewards for her students.. Hasyir walked while smiling to her, holding the RM1 notes, this time, there're 3 pieces of it.. 

"You didn't finish your work too, Hasyir..?"
"Tak.. tapi cikgu ambil je la RM3 ni.. Mak saya suruh bagi duit raya kat cikgu, boleh pakai buat beli buku.." 

His random statement made her wonder, what did he told his mother about his new practicum teacher.. Another student approached her..

"Teacher.. I was absent yesterday.. Ada pencuri kat rumah saya teacher.."
"Hah..? Rumah awak kena pecah masuk pencuri..?"
"Eh tak.. Dia cat pagar rumah saya warna merah.. Mak saya cakap pencuri buat.. Tangan mak saya luka sebab nak buang cat tu.."

His statements left her in guilt.. What should she say..? How could she respond to that..?

Vagary 2 : 4 Mutiara
She had been watching the girl since the morning as she had to relief the class.. Everyone had been enjoying themselves, playing the games during PJ lesson but the little had been sitting alone at the corner.. She tried to approach the little girl but there's no voice responding to her questions.. 

It was an hour before the school ends and it was the time for her to meet the kids again, and this time, she prepared an English activity for her students.. Throughout the end, she noticed that almost everyone was being active in her class, but again, the little girl, sitting at the end of the class, looking at her with a sad-grumpy face.. She tried to ask the other kids, if they know what happened to the little girl.. Another girl approached me and whispered, " Teacher, she told me that she missed her brother.."

She thanked the girl and approached the little girl..

"Can you wait for me when the class ends..?"

The little girl nodded and as the class ended, the little girl came to her.. She waited for the class to be empty before digging in the information.. She started the conversation by holding the little girl's hand, trying to give her a signal of concern.. 

"Okay.. Can you tell me about your feelings right now..? I noticed that you've been keeping that miserable face since the morning.. What happened to you..?"

The little girl lowered her head, trying to hold her tears.. 

"Okay.. Awak jangan takut.. Awak jangan anggap I'm your teacher right now, anggap teacher ni kakak awak.. ok..?"

She nodded and tears started to roll down on her cheeks..

 " I missed my brother.. And this Friday would be his birthday..."
"You missed your brother..? Where is he right now..?"
"He's in another hostel, at Keramat..."
"And you're living with..? Why were both of you get separated..?"
"I'm living at the orphanage.. Ayah dah takde.. I have four siblings and everyone is staying at the different orphanage, except for the youngest.. Dia tinggal dengan mak saya..." 

Hearing the little girl's story, she immediately hugged the little girl, trying to holding back her tears ...

"I know you had been missing your brother badly and I hoped that I could bring you to meet him... But too bad I couldn't do anything due to the transportation problem.. But can you please promise me that you won't keep anything by yourself anymore.. You've me right now, okay..?" 
Vagary - an unpredictable instance, a wandering journey.. It's all about the bittersweet of life, the school memories that is ought for her to ponder about and this is just a part of the vagary of Razanah Anis..  


  1. Sedihnya part yg last sekali tu. Kita yg masih ada keluarga kena hargai insan2 istimewa ni selagi masih berpeluang.

    Hasyir ni yg dalam IG story anis kan. Kak ana ingat muka dia. Hehe

    1. Betul tu kak Ana.. Sebak sgt masa budak tu cerita.. And cerita dia made me realized to appreciate my family..

      Yes..! Muka dia comel je kan kak.. Haha..

  2. Kanak2 jujur. Dia akan lakukan walaupun cikgu tak bermaksud demikian. Saya nak komen ni dalam bi, i no faham.

    Hati2 bila anis jadi cikgu nanti.

    1. Hmm.. Tu la.. Memang tak expect sgt diorg akan bagi duit tu even bila tak diminta.. Insya-Allah i'll try my best to be careful.. Thanks for the advice, Adam...

  3. this make me realize how fortunate i am and how pure these kids are.

    1. Indeed BV.. I learn to be much more grateful with my life ever since I met these kids..

  4. Baca semua story Anis nie buatkan Nadia terfikir betapa indah and pentingnya jadi seorang cikgu yang terbaik utk anak murid .

    Story yang akhir tue sedih . ='(

    1. I thought the sad story life of kids sharing life problems only exist in kids novel.. But now I realized, it's the truth and yes, automatik buat anis nak jadi cikgu yg terbaik untuk diorg... Ramai lagi student yg senasib dengan yang last sekali tu, Siqah.. :/

  5. Sobs..sobs..sobs... part last tu touching.
    Semoga Anis menjadi cikgu yang terbaik dikalangan yang baik-baik belaka.

    1. Amin kak.. I'll try my best to be a good teacher.. :')

  6. Jahat tul la cerita ni... buat saya nak menitik air mata jantan... nasib baik dapat hold... kesian kan kat budak2... apa jadi lah kat anak saya kalau saya dah tak ada... :-(

    1. Yes.. saya tak tau kenapa ada a few students yg kurang bernasib baik yg sy jumpa.. Hmm.. Allah tau apa yang terbaik untuk mereka, untuk kita juga, Insya-Allah...

  7. I guess I can never be a teacher (or a doctor) because of my strong empathy. Nanti jadi cikgu emosi :') But those kid, man, they are just too pure for the world.

    1. Hahaha.. I dah jadi cikgu emosi but trying my best to control my emotions.. And yes..! They're one of the purest little creatures.. XD

  8. learned new words and what a way to keep those memories alive. good stories dear.

  9. I love how you blend the words together it all have fall on the correct spot of satisfactions. :) May Alah blessed your student and you are indeed a very good teacher. May Allah blessed you always.

    1. Aww thanks Eyqa.. I'm not a good teacher but trying my best to become one.. Amin.. :')

  10. Part last tu sedihnya. Semoga adik tu sntiasa kuat.


  11. Comelnya bagi duit raya kat teacher <3 Seronok kan begitu Anis. Terasa touched sangat dengan ingatan budak2 <3

    Siqah dapat duit raya juga tahun ni daripada anak sedare. Hihi. kumpul duit belanja sekolah katanya. Bagi duit raya kat semua. Hii.

    Sedihnya kisah Mutiara T_T


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